Maths is taught to all years from first to sixth year as per the DES Syllabus and Guidelines, with ‘Mathematical Applications’ taught to Leaving Certificate Applied students. Learning support is available, where appropriate, from the learning support team and ‘Applied Mathematics’ as an additional subject is available to Leaving Certificate students in fifth and sixth year. At O’ Carolan College we believe the development of numeracy skills is a basic entitlement for all. All students should experience a rich numeracy learning environment, regardless of perceived 'ability'. Numeracy involves the application of knowledge, skills and understanding essential for personal and social development and to life-long learning.

Department meetings were formally held and minuted regularly throughout the year.  These meetings were used to discuss department planning,  allocation of classes, review programmes of work, organising Maths Week, organising purchase of resources, review department plan, record results and expected results, arrange Christmas and Summer tests, prepare marking schemes and discuss textbooks. Each Maths classroom has a PC, projector and Senior Maths teachers have a Microsoft Surface tablet.   Geogebra software has been installed on all PCs in OCC.  All classrooms now have a full set of geometry equipment for use on the whiteboard, 30 geometry sets for student use, 30 A4 mini whiteboards for group work, full set of Stakubes and Geostrips, Dice and Jumbo Playing cards.  In addition to this there is a full set of all of the above for maths classes that do not take place in a designated Maths room. There are also one full classroom set of trundle wheels, measuring tapes and clinometers for use in the teaching of Geometry and Trigonometry available to all maths classrooms.

Students have full access in school and at home to the Project Maths website, which contains invaluable resources and worksheets. All junior students now have their own ‘show-me’ board which are used regularly in class as a valuable teaching aid.