Robert Ballagh Art Competition


Art is taught throughout the network of LMETB’s Schools, Colleges, VTOS and Youthreach centres. For the past five years we have organised an Art Competition to recognise and promote the excellent work created by the students and learners within this network and to celebrate the work of our educators in encouraging and promoting the visual arts. We hope that you the educators will continue to encourage your students to enter, helping to build on the quality and success we have seen grow year on year. All students in LMETB Secondary Schools (18), Primary Schools (4), PLC Colleges (3), VTOS (3), and Youthreach Centres (9) are eligible to enter. A copy of the entry form can be found by clicking here

Here are the details of this year’s entry requirements:

· There will be six categories as follows: 1. Junior Years (1st, 2nd & 3rd Years) in Secondary Schools; 2. Senior Years (TY, 5th & 6th Years) in Secondary Schools; 3. PLC Colleges and VTOS Centres; 4. Youthreach Centres; 5. Universal Photography category; 6. Primary Schools.

· The competition is open to all LMETB students in the educational settings mentioned.

· We hope that by the closing date of February 26th 2021 next each participating school, college and centre will have internally selected their entries to go forward to the overall competition.

· The maximum number of entries is as follows:

School with less than 500 students: 3 Junior entries and 3 Senior entries: Total =6.

School with between 500 & 1000 students: 4 Junior entries & 4 Senior entries: Total = 8.

School with more than 1,000 students: 5 Junior entries & 5 Senior entries: Total = 10.

Each PLC College & VTOS Centre will have 5 entries each to a PLC & VTOS Category: Total = 5.

Each Youthreach Centre: 5 entries each to a single Youthreach Category: Total = 5

Each Primary school can enter 3 entries for each year group in the school: Total = 24.

Each school, college, VTOS and Youthreach centre can submit up to ten photographs to the

Photography category: Total = 10.


Robert Ballagh will be our Judge this year. His reputation as an Artist of the highest renown both on a national and international stage provides a weight to the winning entries which will hopefully inspire budding artists. Des Clinton, award winning photographer and past President of the Irish Association of Amateur Photographers, will judge the Photography entries.


The competition is for two dimensional work up to A2 in size. Work must be photographed and emailed as a JPEG file. Entries for the Photography category must be submitted as a JPEG file. There is no set theme. Entries in the form of a collage will be accepted but three dimensional work will not. All entries must be the student’s original work. Work that had been previously entered for an examination (e.g, 2020 Junior Cert) is eligible but as the student has progressed to a senior class (TY, 5th or 6th year) their entry goes into the Senior section. Entry forms will be emailed to schools, colleges and centres in advance of the closing date.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions in place, this year’s competition will have an altered format. Photographs of entries (JPEG file) along with entry forms will be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Prizes will be received digitally. The intention is that winning entries will be framed and exhibited in the Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda in March of 2022 along with the winners of the LMETB Robert Ballagh 2022 Art Competition. The closing date for entries is February 26th 2021. Robert Ballagh will carry out judging thereafter. We hope to be in a position to announce the winning entries during March 2021.


Upon entering your work, you agree to an image of that work (if it wins a prize) being used in future publications relating to the LMETB Robert Ballagh Art Competition. Details of winning entries and their prizes are as follows. All voucher prizes will be for Tara art supplies and can be spent online at Deliveries will be free of charge.

Primary Schools: 1st Prize: €100 Voucher. 2nd: €60 Voucher. 3rd: €40 Voucher.

Secondary Schools Junior: 1st Prize: €200 Voucher. 2nd: €100 Voucher. 3rd: €50 Voucher.

Secondary Schools Senior: 1st Prize: €200 Voucher. 2nd: €100 Voucher. 3rd: €50 Voucher.

PLC Colleges & VTOS: 1st Prize: €200 Voucher. 2nd: €100 Voucher. 3rd: €50 Voucher.

Youthreach Centres: 1st Prize: €200 Voucher. 2nd: €100 Voucher. 3rd: €50 Voucher.

Photography Category: 1st Prize: €150 Voucher. 2nd; €100 Voucher. 3rd; €50 Voucher.

Entry Costs; There will be no cost attached to entering this year’s competition.



Principal Organiser:

Paul McCann,

Art Teacher,

O’Carolan College, Nobber & Ardee Youthreach. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.